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The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox

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Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox
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A Complete Course in the Art of Creating Solutions to Problems of Any Kind


"... out of the thousands of books that flow by, and the scores that end up as worthy of review, [this book] looked valuable enough to want for myself."


Howard Rheingold, Editor-in-Chief of The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
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Whether you're facing business challenges, raising children, inventing, looking for employment, teaching, wanting to improve a relationship, or figuring out how to solve global problems, the thinking skills revealed in The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox are the ones you need.


"Does this book live up to its pretentious [sub]title? Yes, it does, better than any other basic design book I've encountered, ..."


J. Baldwin, The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog


This is one set of tools that won't sit around your home or office unused.


The author, Richard Fobes, learned the skills of creative problem solving through countless creative experiences, starting in childhood. Now he is sharing his insights through seminars, workshops, and this "indispensable resource" filled with entertaining real-life examples.


This book is so valuable it has been translated into Japanese, Korean, Russian, Czech, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, and Indonesian!



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