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We are living in challenging times, full of problems. Each day in the news we hear the latest information about scandals, murders, bombings, mass shootings, terrorism, ethnic wars, epidemic diseases, radioactive contamination, malnutrition, pollution, poverty, homelessness, inflation, layoffs, corporation bailouts, government insolvencies, global warming, and overpopulation. It's not surprising that countless people are pessimistic about the future.

In contrast, as the author of The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox, I'm optimistic about the future. Using my skills of creative problem solving I can see solutions to the problems we face. It's as though I find myself standing at the top of a hill where I can see both the past and the future. On the future side I see specific solutions to the problems we face. In the following pages I'm sharing a few of the solutions I see.

What credibility do I have for forecasting the future? As one example, I began designing and building a personal computer starting in 1974. That was before the first Apple computer was sold and even before the arrival of what is commonly regarded as the first personal computer: the Altair computer kit. In fact, I began designing my personal computer even before the first 8-bit microprocessor became available. Besides getting involved in the very early stages of the personal computer, I've also anticipated other innovations well in advance of their arrival.

In the following pages of this online book I am sharing three innovations that eventually will be adopted to solve, or partially solve, the following three challenging problems:

My purpose in sharing these solutions is to convince you that even the most challenging problems can be solved using the skills of creative problem solving. Then you will recognize that the skills of creative problem solving also can be used to create solutions to whatever problems you want to solve, whether at work or at home.

Learning the skills of creative problem solving requires effort, just as climbing a hill requires effort. Yet the effort brings worthwhile rewards, namely solutions to the problems you face. Also, if your job is to solve problems - which applies to most professionals - then the skills also will bring you financial rewards. Plus, you can enjoy the splendid view of the future that awaits you at the top of the hill.

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