Hope for the Future

Chapter 1:
Reducing Crime by Adding a
Years-In-Prison Movie Rating

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Hope for the Future
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As a partial solution to the problem of crime, I recommend adding a Years-In-Prison (YIP) rating to theater and TV movies. The YIP rating would roughly indicate the number of years a person would spend in prison if they were to do everything shown in the movie.

The YIP rating would help teenagers, young adults, and high-school dropouts learn the relative level of acceptance of so-called "adult" behaviors. Young people now get confused messages such as these:

Very importantly the YIP rating is in addition to - not a substitute for - the existing movie rating systems (G, PG, R, TVMA, V, S, L, etc.). The existing rating systems are still needed to help keep children from seeing activities they aren't yet ready to learn about.

The YIP rating measures movie contents in a useful and meaningful way, without the hazards of censorship. Many people have a disrespect for laws because there are gaps between laws and ethics, such as differences between what government officials and common citizens are allowed to do. The YIP rating would increase awareness of such inconsistencies and motivate lawmakers to bring laws into closer alignment with the principles of ethics.

Potential disadvantages in the Years-In-Prison movie rating idea can be avoided by designing it wisely. For example, the rating can convey uncertainty by using ranges of numbers, such as conveyed in the following sample rating: YIP 130-280. Acts of warfare are not illegal, so they could be kept separate, such as: YIP 130-280 +WAR 4K-7K (where K indicates thousands). For use in advertisements an abbreviated form such as YIP 800 could be derived from the full rating.

The YIP rating does have the disadvantage of being an extra rating to include in movie reviews and advertisements, but aren't inexpensive ways of preventing crime worth considering?

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